Inside the King County Courthouse

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I have always enjoyed looking at historical photographs, especially when compared with contemporary photographs.

The following image is posted with permission from the owner and credited: PEMCO Webster & Stevens Collection, MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, WA).
MOHAI Photo Collection

"One of the state's most notorious crimes, the "Mahoney Trunk Murder" occurred in Seattle in 1921. The victim was Kate Mooers, 72, an eccentric and wealthy woman who married for the third time to James E. Mahoney, 38, a convicted robber. When Kate went missing, Mahoney claimed she had disappeared in St. Paul, Minnesota, but the Seattle police detectives decided to search the waters of Lake Union where Mahoney had rented a skiff. On August 8, a trunk containing Mooers' body bobbed to the surface and three days later Mahoney was indicted for murder. He was convicted and executed for the crime."
Sheriff Starwich, in the striped suit, is handcuffed to the much taller Mahoney wearing the dark suit. The hallways have the same marble floors and panels, but appear much more grand without the drop ceilings and fluorescent lights. 

King County CourthouseKing County Courthouse© Robert Inn 2014


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