Inside 21 Acres

June 29, 2014  •  1 Comment

Yesterday afternoon I photographed the interior of the LEED Platinum Certified 21 Acres Farm building including the Farm Store and some of the local, organic produce and other products they sell.  


I was there from the middle of the afternoon to the late afternoon which made for ever changing light and shadows in the kitchen and classroom area.  This was due to the the natural light streaming in from the many windows and skylights cutting down on the need for interior lighting in some of the larger rooms.  Some lighting is still needed for work areas and occupied rooms toward the middle of the building or for evening events.  The lights are motion activated reducing energy use for unoccupied rooms.    

Kitchen and Classroom Late AfternoonKitchen and Classroom Late Afternoon

This bright room is good for meetings and medium sized events.

Event Room2Event Room2

21 Acres has a large collection of dishes, utensils, kitchen tools and service ware used for classes, kitchen projects and events.  All the items in this storage area are from second hand sources.  This is an example of a way to consume less by re-using items and keeping them out of the landfill.

Dishes and Service WareDishes and Service Ware

Thanks to Deb Sternagel of 21 Acres for facilitating this photo shoot.


Robin Crowder(non-registered)
Thank you so very much for coming to 21 Acres! We were really excited to see these photographs and to read your blog. Lucky us!
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