Taking Shape and Framing the View

May 23, 2015  •  3 Comments

untitled shoot-2688editeduntitled shoot-2688edited

A lot has happened since the last writing about the project.  The foundation and floors were completed and the framing of the garage and shop and the house has begun.

All the plumbing and propane supply lines were in place and neatly organized.

  untitled shoot-2415untitled shoot-2415

The tubing for the closed hydronic floor heating system was installed during the pour of the floor.  The tubes could have a tendency to float a little in the concrete before it sets and since cuts were made in the floor to control expansion and contraction, Matt wanted to ensure that the system was not compromised.  He pressurized the tubing and tested it to confirm that it maintained pressure.

untitled shoot-2417untitled shoot-2417

Footing drains were installed.

untitled shoot-2252untitled shoot-2252

The foundations, septic system and water cistern were backfilled by Mike Ogle - Mogle Excavation. untitled shoot-2430untitled shoot-2430

Mike lives down the street from the project and is an avid skier.  Thus the name of his business - Mogle Excavation.

untitled shoot-2278untitled shoot-2278

There has been a lot of rain this Spring.  

untitled shoot-2697editeduntitled shoot-2697edited

While the rain is welcome due to the forecast of a dry hot summer, the mud is sticky, slick and hard to work in.

untitled shoot-2516untitled shoot-2516

We had to scramble to get the drain field for the septic system completed before a scheduled inspection, but we got it done with some time to spare.  Even though it was difficult to work on in the mud, it looked neat and orderly in the end.

untitled shoot-2512untitled shoot-2512 Ben is working on the framing.

untitled shoot-2708untitled shoot-2708

Matt and Ben keep an eye on a thunder storm on the ridge.

untitled shoot-2704untitled shoot-2704 The framing seems to be going very quickly, It is thrilling to see what were once ideas and drawings taking physical shape.  This is just as I had envisioned.

untitled shoot-2707untitled shoot-2707

The view from the future bath room.  It is amazing to stand where the rooms are positioned and see the view framed by the windows.

untitled shoot-2698editeduntitled shoot-2698edited



Sharon ikejiri(non-registered)
it looks so cool! Love the photos, Bob. The view from your bathroom is fantastic. Can't wait to see future posts and the progress being made.
Robert Inn
Thanks Ron!
Ron Large(non-registered)
Wow . . . the progress is fantastic Bob. I love your use of photography for your blog. The progress becomes more real, especially the views. Hope that everything keeps on schedule and the hiccups are small. Best to Nan and your boys!
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