Wisteria in the Morning Light

May 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Typically people consider the blossoms the most important part of the wisteria vine when it blooms in the spring.  This vine is about 20 years old.  I had to move it one year long ago, and it spent a winter with its root ball wrapped in a plastic bag, laying in my torn up garden.  I replanted it in the early spring half expecting it to not make it.   Front Porch Spring-2398editedFront Porch Spring-2398edited Over the years it grew vigorously, becoming part of the structure of the arbor that it lives on and providing a beautiful cascade of flowers every spring.   Wisteria-2326editedWisteria-2326edited

This morning I was looking at it and saw the newly emerged leaves in the morning light casting shadows on one another.  I think they are as beautiful as the flowers.

Wisteria-2338editedWisteria-2338edited Wisteria-2374editedWisteria-2374edited


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