Raising the Roof, and Other Things

August 12, 2015  •  5 Comments

Since the last post the roof has been installed, plumbing and electrical roughed in, and I got to work with boom lift to get some arial shots - no drone needed.  

The roof was fabricated on site and then installed.  The material comes in rolls and is formed into panels with special machinery, much like the process of making gutters to fit, if you are familiar with that.  This cuts down of transportation cost and waste since the panels don't need to be shipped in their long form, and they are made to length per specification. untitled shoot-2900untitled shoot-2900

Here is the truck and trailer with the rolls of aluminum material that will form the panels for the roof.  The entire roof is wound up in these rolls!

untitled shoot-2896untitled shoot-2896

Here is the machine that forms the panels and automatically puts a bead of hot goo under the fold that forms the seam between panels, it then cools and forms a water tight gasket between the panels.

untitled shoot-2904untitled shoot-2904

The panels are extruded and cut to length by the special panel making machine.  This is all done to the specifications of the job.

untitled shoot-2906untitled shoot-2906

The formed panels were stacked in and in front of the garage.

untitled shoot-2922untitled shoot-2922 Joe, the sheet metal expert in the red shirt, gives some advice to Matt and Hilario on the installation of the panel around the chimney.

untitled shoot-2920untitled shoot-2920

Each panel fits together and is held down by brackets.  There is a water and ice protection membrane between the panels and roof sheeting.

untitled shoot-2918untitled shoot-2918

Like the rest of the guys working on the house, Joe brought his dog.  In this case it was a black Labrador pup named Remington.  He did not have to do much that morning other than enjoy the sunshine.

untitled shoot-2971untitled shoot-2971

Kyle, from K&M Plumbing, did a neat job of "roughing in" the plumbing.  Interestingly, Kyle is one of the few people my dog liked right from the start.

untitled shoot-2975untitled shoot-2975

Everything is well organized in the mechanical room.

untitled shoot-3122untitled shoot-3122 untitled shoot-3124untitled shoot-3124

The doors and windows were installed.  We went a bit over budget on the windows, but having replaced windows twice in our former house, I know that spending a bit more on the windows that have not let us down will be worth it in the long run.  

untitled shoot-3161edited-Edituntitled shoot-3161edited-Edit

Matt rented a scissor lift to install the windows, but it was malfunctioning so the rental company brought him out a 60 foot boom lift.  That is one cool piece of machinery.  I wish I had one! untitled shoot-3200untitled shoot-3200



Carla Demos(non-registered)
Your house looks wonderful and you have a great piece of property with a beautiful view. Ya'll are so blessed. Love and miss you much
Wow.. very cool! I love your progress reports... and that door!
Great pictures! Everything looks so cool. I can picture you getting a 60 foot boom!
Craig Thorson(non-registered)
Bob. I'm really enjoying both the progress and your blog. I was fascinated with the extruded roof panels. While I am indeed familiar with the much smaller, rain gutter process, I had no idea it was being applied in such a manner. Cool!
Great photos and fascinating to see the progress. Years from now, you'll be glad you're documenting this.
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