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The Scablands are not Barren at Scabland Farm

July 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Jill and Paul Knittel met while serving in the Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  They got married, started a family and eventually moved to the Scablands of Eastern Washington when Paul got a job at a major hydroelectric supplier in the area.  Five years ago they started raising heritage Large Black Hogs and have since begun to grow their business, Scabland Farms, producing pork that is NOT the "other white meat."  This is a breed of hog developed in England during the 1800’s and was more commonly consumed prior to the Second World War. 

untitled shoot-0780untitled shoot-0780 Their dark skin allows them to be outside in the sun being less prone to sunburn.  This pork is not washed out and flavorless like many people are accustomed to coming from the factory meat producers who have hybridized the animals to be not too bold in flavor and survive long enough in concrete enclosed buildings to become meat. 

untitled shoot-0827untitled shoot-0827

Heritage Large Black Hogs are animals who live outside  and romp around in pastures and large pens except when they need the protection of a barn when they are young or during severe weather.  The meat is red (not as dark as beef) but it does have color and flavor.  Like an heirloom tomato, this is a return to what once was.

untitled shoot-0907untitled shoot-0907 Jill and her daughter were kind enough to show me around their farm and let me know which hogs were safe to pet and which ones were not so receptive to human touch.

untitled shoot-0852untitled shoot-0852 There were piglets and protective sows.

untitled shoot-0864untitled shoot-0864

Jill said she always wanted to be a pig farmer, but it has its ups and downs.  Nevertheless, to her, it beats life in suburbia.  She still thinks pigs are cute and becomes attached to some of the piglets and even names some, but realizes she is in the pork business.

untitled shoot-0911untitled shoot-0911

Their business has been expanding in the last year and they have had hogs purchased by Tavolata, Radiator Whiskey, and also the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle to be featured as chef’s specials. 

Scabland Farm Natural Pork-6250087Scabland Farm Natural Pork-6250087Scabland Farm Natural Pork

Raising pigs is hard work, but I am glad Jill and Paul are willing to do it, and that they come to the Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market so I don’t have go to Seattle to to taste their heritage pork!


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